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Our Master’s level trainees and interns meet with individuals, couples, pre-marital couples, children, and families in a comfortable, private setting. The counselors meet the legal and ethical standards established by the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), including maintaining strict confidentiality. The counselors are supervised by the Soul Care Director, Natalie Grindy, LMFT. Session fees are based on a sliding scale, determined by monthly gross income and ability to pay. 

If you're interested in beginning sessions with Soul Care as soon as possible, please click the "Soul Care Forms" button and follow the instructions to fill out and submit the appropriate forms. 

If you have a general question, please click the "Contact Care and Compassion" button at the bottom of this page, or call the office at (916) 626-3017 Ext. 1.

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Life Coaching

The volunteer faith coaching ministry exists to serve the needs of our Bridgeway family.  Christian coaching is a series of focused, collaborative conversations in which the coach uses questions to cultivate self-discovery. God’s presence impacts discussions as we invite Him into every coaching conversation. The coaching process creates pathways for sustained growth and forward action wherever the person being coached desires to explore.  It is a journey designed to move you toward a specific, targeted goal. The coach’s job is to help you find the direction by asking you to stretch in ways not done before or challenging you to step into seeing something from a different perspective. It is not the role of the coach to find the answers but to believe that the person being coached, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, is the best resource.

If you are interested in seeing a life coach through Bridgeway, click the "Contact Care & Compassion" button below.  


Christian Counseling Referrals

We have compiled a list of Christian counselors that practice in the local, greater Sacramento Area. Anyone at Bridgeway or in the community is welcome to use this list to find a Christian counselor who might be a good fit for their needs.

Christian Counseling Referral List