Find Your Place, You'll Be Glad You Did! 

At Bridgeway we believe that everyone has been called and equipped to participate in the work of God's Kingdom. We're not an organization of leaders and followers, we are one big family where everyone has a part to play.  Most of the ministry that happens around here is done by dedicated volunteers who use their gifts and talents to serve God and bless others. Serving is one of the best ways to get connected here at Bridgeway, so find a ministry that looks like a good fit, fill out the short application, and we'll get you plugged in!

Children & Students


Kidsway offers children's programming for kids ages two months thru fifth grade at all weekend services. Each classroom is staffed by loving volunteers who are ready to welcome the children of Bridgeway. Kidsway believes in partnering with parents to equip them to be the primary disciplers of their children.


Middle School

At Middle School Ministry (MSM) we love having a good time! Whether we are playing and being crazy or diving into God's Word, we love giving students amazing memories that they will talk about for years to come, and pushing the boundaries on fun. We would love to have you join our team!


High School

Every week at High School Ministry (HSM) we try to have fun, get into God’s Word, pray for each other, and be challenged. We walk to talk through every part of the Bible in a way that makes a difference in our lives. We would love to have you join our team!


Young Adults

We strive to provide a community of encouragement and practical instruction to help young adults thrive in their relationship with God and others. There are opportunities for young adults to serve as well as for other adults who want to invest in young people!


Guest Services

Emergency Response Team

Care & Compassion

Creative Arts

Help Me Decide

Not Sure Where to Serve?

If you are interested in serving but don't know where you want to be involved, just fill out this simple form and a member of our team will get in touch with you to help you decide!