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Dec 20, 2009 | Lance Hahn

Christmas 2009


“There has been only one Christmas - all the rest are anniversaries.”

W. J. Cameron


“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.”

Janice Maeditere   



God ____________ the World With __________ and ____________












Questions for the Heart and Spirit

  1. What does Christmas mean to you?  Do you celebrate Christmas?   What do you celebrate?  How do you celebrate?  Is it a meaningful time for you, or do you just endure it?
  2. Do you exchange gifts with others at Christmas?  Why?  What do the gifts mean to you?
  3.  Is Jesus included in your Christmas celebration at home?  How is He included?  Do you give Him gifts?  Contemplate what gifts He has given to you.  Have you accepted His gifts?

Questions for the Mind

  1. READ:  Isa 9:6-7; Mic 5:2; Jn 8:58; Col1:15-17; 1 Jn 1:1; Jn 1:17-18 - What do these references tell us about Jesus? How does this compare to the Luke 2 story about the “birth” of Jesus?  Exactly how long has Jesus been around, and why did He have to be “born” if He already existed?
  2. READ:  Jn 1:17-18; 1 Pet 2:21; Heb 10:1-10; 1Jn 3:8; Heb 5:1-2; Lk 1:31-33 Phil 2:9 - What do these references tell us about why Jesus was born?  Does it matter that Christmas day may not be the exact date of Jesus` birth?  What is important to you about the birth of Christ?
  3. READ:  Gal 4:4; Lk 2:52; Matt 26:12; Lk23:46; Matt 4:2Jn 19:28; Mk15:37; Heb:4:15Lk 7:48; Matt 28:18; Jn 1:48; Matt 18:20; Jn 5:25; Heb 1:6 - What are some things that indicate Jesus was human?  What are some things that indicate He was God?  Why is it important that He was both?  Do you believe He was both?  What are some of the implications if He was not human?  If He was not God?


Luke 2 records the story of Jesus being born into our world, Matt 27-28, Mk15-16, Lk 23-24, Jn19-20 record the account of His death and resurrection.  Read Luke 2, and one of the gospel accounts, then turn to Revelation 19:11-16 and read “the rest of the story”.