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Covenant, Calling, and Connection: Introducing 2020 at Bridgeway

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At Bridgeway, we teach that when we look at the Bible, we find two main themes that help us understand its overall message. The first is covenant, the idea that God invites each of us into a covenant relationship with Him. He is our Heavenly Father, and when we accept His invitation into a relationship, He gives us an identity as His son or daughter. The second is calling, the idea that God invites us to represent Him in the world. He is our King, and He invites us to be ambassadors of the Kingdom of God on Earth. 

We find these themes throughout Scripture, but there is arguably no book that teaches both of them as clearly as the book of Ephesians, the book we will be studying in 2020 at Bridgeway. 

The first three chapters of Ephesians are all about covenant. Paul fills these chapters with beautiful words about the power and promises of God. In studying these chapters, we will learn that God has made us holy and blameless before Him, that there is an inheritance that awaits us, that we have been saved by grace, and so much more. 

The final three chapters of Ephesians are all about calling. As we study these chapters, we learn about who God calls us to be in light of our position as His sons and daughters. We also learn about how we are to treat our brothers and sisters in Christ and how to live wisely in difficult times. These chapters are almost overflowing with practical instruction that is useful for any area of our lives. 

Pastor Lance announced on the first weekend of the year that 2020 would be The Year of Connecting at Bridgeway. It is our hope and prayer that as we study Ephesians 1-3 that you will feel more connected to God than ever before. Whether you’re learning the truths we’ll cover for the first time or relearning what you’ve known for decades, we’re trusting that God is going to increase your love and devotion to Him as we learn about who He is and all that He has done for us. It’s all too easy in our busy, distracted age to forget core truths about God, so we’re excited to dig into those truths together. 

It’s also our hope and prayer that you will feel more connected than ever to your church family as we dig into Ephesians 4-6. We’re believing that God is going to give us a new vision for the importance of community. We’re also believing there will be a huge step forward in connectedness at Bridgeway. It’s impossible to know everyone at our church, but what we really want is for everyone who calls Bridgeway home to have a ‘tribe’ of people who they know and trust. If you’ve already found your tribe, we want to help you experience deeper and more vibrant community. If you’re still looking, we’re here to help you connect. Discipleship, more often than not, is a group process, so we want to be a church full of Missional Communities who are seeking to follow Jesus together. 

We serve a God who invites us into covenant relationship and gives us a calling to represent Him. In other words, He invites us to connect with Him and connect to the world around us. He knows He built us to know Him and to be in community with others. We want to accept God’s invitation to connectedness this year, and we’re excited for you to join us! 

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