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A Mothers Day Blessing for all women no matter the stage of life.
Inspired by Emily Freeman. Quotations mark direct quotes from Emily Freeman's A Blessing For The Mothers which can be found here

Mothers Day is both miracle and madness.  It’s wonder and weariness. It’s question marks and false starts and always moving the finish line.”  - Emily P. Freeman

Psalm 139: 13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;your works are wonderful, I know that full well. I am not hidden from you

"I see you momma, with the tired eyes, short fuse, and impossible schedule."

I see you, momma, "negotiating bedtimes" and curfews, refereeing sibling squabbles and helping everyone apologize so they can just; get along for one hot minute.”  

I see you, momma, at work checking your phone to make sure everything is ok and nothing happened in that 10 minutes you were distracted, or in a meeting, or just trying to get something done.

I see you, momma, praying more than you've ever prayed before because they are no longer under your roof and the world is a scary place sometimes. (Trust me I've got them)

I see you momma hurting because you have a child in heaven, and many don't even know, but you will never be the same again.

I see you momma who's own mom is gone and sometimes you just wanna hear her voice and be hugged.

I see you, momma,  who longs to have children but it’s not happening right now.  Your pain is deep and I am with you.

I see you, momma, as you "fight off guilt, comparison and shame" and love your kids for who they are not what they do.

I see you momma who is "raising kids all by (yourself), doing the job of two parents with the energy of one."

I see you, momma, loving the foster and adopted child.  Your love has forever changed the life of that precious one.

I see you, momma, pouring your heart and soul into a special needs child that may never leave your nest.  You have what it takes.

I see you momma who has fun and you laugh so hard you pee a little because let’s face it, you've had kids and your body is not the same after that.

I see you, spiritual mamas, mothering those who are just a few steps behind you and not your biological children at all.  Your leading classes, giving hugs, speaking words of encouragement and reminding us all of the nurturing love of the Father just by being you!

Stand strong, I see you, You are not alone, I am with you.