Missional Communities

Missional Communities are small to mid-sized groups that seek to live out their faith by loving one another, studying Scripture together, and serving together. They are a place to be known and inspired to live more like Jesus. They are diverse gatherings of friends and families that work together to live the life Jesus modeled and join the mission He gave us to love the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Missional Community? 

A Missional Community is a small to mid-sized groups of families and friends that meet together for community and mission. Missional Communities are Bridgeway's version of small groups. 

What happens at a Missional Community meeting? 

Our Missional Communities are very diverse, and that is by design! Some groups are large with lots of kids, while others are smaller gatherings of adults only. Some groups are always open to new members, while others are closed. Some groups are potlucks with a short devotional time, while others look more like a traditional in-home Bible study. All of our groups are seeking to grow in their relationships with God and one another while making a difference in the world, but this looks different in different groups. 

How is a Missional Community different from a small group? 

The only key difference between a Missional Community and a traditional small group is that we ask all of our groups to be intentional about having some way that they are seeking to serve those who don't yet know Christ. This looks different for different groups. Some of our Missional Communities have a very similar look and feel to a traditional small group or Bible Study. 

How do I find out what groups Bridgeway has?

Once you fill out the form expressing your interest in a Missional Community, we will partner with you to help find a group that works for you.  You will be sent a list of all the open groups and choose one or several to try out.  Our Missional Communities Coordinator connects you directly with each group leader so you can talk with them about when they meet and what their group is like.

If I start a Missional Community, will Bridgeway tell me what to do? 

If you start a Missional Community, we will be here to support you every step of the way. However, we won't dictate what specific content you cover or how specifically you seek to serve our community, and we won't insist on specific people being added to your group. We want you to be able to lead in a way that fits with the way God made you! 

What is the process for becoming a Missional Community Leader?

We offer a four-week class several times per year called Exploring Missional Leadership that is taught by our Missional Community Coordinator, Heather Johnson. After the class, Heather will connect with you individually to help you get your group started. You can check the Events Page to see if a class session is coming up, or you can email Heather to find out when the class will be offered next.

What can I do if I have a question that was not answered here?

Please email Heather at .