I Need Help


If you attend Bridgeway and have experienced a death or emergency hospitalization in your family and need pastoral support, you can call our Urgent Care Line at (916) 952-8887 and leave a message and someone will respond


If you are in need of faith-based emotional and relational healing, support in finding practical life guidance, or support from groups and community assistance, Soul Care is available to meet a wide variety of care needs. The number to contact them for an appointment is 916-626-3017. To fill out the questionnaire to find the services that can best serve you, click the button below.

Contact Care & Compassion


If you are in need of prayer, you can submit a prayer request to the prayer chain or to the pastors and elders. Our Prayer Team is also available after each service in front of the stage or at the Prayer Corner, just to the left of the stage in the main sanctuary. You are always welcome to go there for prayer as often as you'd like.

Submit Prayer Request


If you have a pressing spiritual question that is neither counseling related or an emergency, you can contact our church office to schedule an appointment to speak with a pastor (they are often booked a few weeks out), or you can email us if you feel you could get it done in a concise way. Remember, the best place to receive personal and consistent spiritual guidance is in a small group environment.

If you have spiritual questions that are more informational, each month Pastor Lance sets aside time after the second service on Saturday and Sunday where he answers questions about faith, church, and theology. (Note: the schedule for these sessions does change from time to time, so please check the bulletin or the Events page to see when it will be scheduled next.) You are welcome to attend and Ask Pastor Lance live, or listen to past ones on the podcast. Dates for Ask Pastor Lance are always announced in the bulletin and during services a few weeks ahead of time.

So, hopefully you can see that if you are plugged in around here at Bridgeway there are a million ways to be ministered to and get some help when you need it. Our pastors, leaders and volunteers work around the clock to make sure you are loved and equipped for the Christian life.