Global Care Trips


Global and Community Care offers select trips to volunteers when partners indicate a need. Trips are offered in addition to year-round partnerships

Trips will be offered if
  • It is beneficial to the partner.
  • It has Bridgeway members and nationals serving together on the trip.
  • There is proven follow up with individuals after the trip. Partners have the ability to continue discipleship after Bridgeway team leaves.
  • A team is led by a Bridgeway member and has no less than two members.
  • The Bridgeway team agrees to be students of the culture, receiving organization/national leadership.
  • The focus of the trip has been planned by the receiving partner and Bridgeway team.
  • The trip is beneficial to a plan of development.
  • The receiving partner and Bridgeway team will work together to bring reconciliation to the root of brokenness rather than treat the symptom of brokenness.


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