40 Day Fast: Repentance and Restoration

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40 Day Fast: Introduction

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Welcome to the 40 Day Fast. This is a time where we set something aside in our lives for 40 days and seek God in preparation for the Regional Worship, Prayer and Healing Gathering coming up. Why fast? Why 40 days? What you choose to set aside is entirely personal and can be a food item, habit, convenience, or whatever you feel would clear away a distraction in your heart and mind for this time. There is richness in fasting and seeking the Lord, so we invite you to dig deep and seek Him fully in this time. As we walk through this time, we are specifically focusing on the area of repentance, restoration, and revival. These all provide a posture of heart for God to move fully

 Repentance is turning from the things that are not of God (distraction, sin, mindsets) and turning toward God. Repentance is NOT thinking of every area that you have messed up and beating yourself up. Romans 8:1 “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.”

Sample Prayer:

Father, we come to you with all praise, honor and glory on our lips and in our hearts. We lift up your name and acknowledge that apart from you, we can do nothing good. We come to you with hearts of repentance for ourselves, for our generation, and for our culture. 

Please forgive us for ___________________________________ 

Please help us to turn our hearts from ____________________

and bring us closer to you. Expose the counterfeits of comfort or apathy and replace that with the desire to pursue all that YOU are and all that WE are in YOU.

 We ask you to restore our hearts and minds, Father, and bring us back to the conditions of following and pursuing you in our thoughts and actions. 

We ask you to restore our homes and relationships, to restore our culture back to you, drawing it towards a vibrant community of faith. Restore the prodigals back to you, restore those who are bitter and angry, restore the broken and hurt, and bring all home to yourself. 

 Bring wholeness to _________________. Bring peace, joy and selfless ambition. Father, we pray for the fruit of the spirit to thrive within us as we surrender to you, and we pursue your will and kingdom, and as we toss off whatever is NOT of you. 

 Guide us these next 40 days. Strengthen our hearts and minds, build our faith; give us testimonies of your healing, of your provision, and your presence in our daily lives. May we display and proclaim your goodness out of an overflow of thanksgiving for everything happening in our midst. Would we be a light shining brightly for you, bringing you glory as your precious children. Amen

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